Getting help for your mental health is okay.

Why I am writing this

A few things did help me immensely:

  • Realizing that even very senior, very public people I respected saw therapists.
  • Finding friends who would not judge me for talking about my feelings.
  • Asking ‘What do I need to go through this?’
  • Seeing a therapist myself
  • Also, stand-up comedy for some reason.

What I wish:

  • I wish Asian societies had conversations about dealing with happiness and struggle at a much younger age. Kids can feel sadness too and we never get the tools to process sadness. I think that while we are still kids, we can process or understand sadness by taking it out on others or treating it as something distasteful and that creates a cascading effect of sadness. I think we (those who get impacted, and those who impact others) remember all this and are deeply chained by those instincts when we get older.
  • I wish we were taught how to face our emotions, and how to normalize talking and caring about other people’s emotions.
  • I wish that I invested in Bitcoin in 2010. This has nothing to do with mental health, but I think it probably would have helped.

How I want to help:

  • If you read this and found it helpful, feel free to share it with other people to let them know you think talking and processing your emotions and mental health should be normal.
  • If you would like, you can also donate to my fundraiser campaign for charities tackling mental health here that I just started: — I have decided to support these charities because they are helping people reach a more healthy state of mind. I just committed 10% of the raise amount personally to back that up and I hope you might too.



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Chia Jeng Yang

Chia Jeng Yang

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